Catching Blue Jay coverTitle: Catching Blue Jay
Series: Oklahoma Hearts #1
Release Date: March 12, 2019
Pages: 215
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Ghosting my best friend is my biggest regret. Will my past cost me my second chance?

Running. That’s what I’m good at. When Aidan kissed me at fifteen, I not only ran, I moved and ghosted him, breaking all my promises to keep in touch. Locking eyes with him years later sends me running again.

As my past catches up to me, I know I’ve got to stop running. It’s not easy facing my fears. Am I brave enough to reach out for what I want?

I lost Aidan once. I can’t lose him again.

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Check out an excerpt:

It’s such a good night. There are hot men all around and my best gal and best friends are surrounding me. Life can’t get much better (aside from the whole significant other business that is). It’s a nice summer night. The breeze outside is truly making it feel almost like heaven. Thankfully, it cooled off when the sun went down, or we’d have all been bad sweaty messes before we even made it into the doors of the club.

What would make the night even better? A hot guy dancing with me, and that wish was just granted. A hard body smaller than me presses up against me from behind. The smile jumps to my face before my back leans into that form. It doesn’t matter what he looks like right now. It’s not like I will take home the first guy that dances or flirts with me. Whoever he is though, he sure feels nice. He’s growing hard behind me, and it’s making me most intrigued with the situation. So ok, maybe I will take home the first guy that dances with me, if the size of his dick is any sign of his looks (we all know how that goes, so don’t pretend with me).

Motioning with my head to Clay, he goes to do reconnaissance for me on who is behind me. He’ll give me the heads up on if disappointment is in my future when my eyes lay on the guy. It isn’t the first time we’ve pulled this move, so he knows exactly what to do. With an ever so subtle nod of his head, he spins around to my side. Clay’s laughter dies as his face reflects complete shock in a matter of mere seconds. It won’t be easy to forget that look. That is curious.

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat. Tonight, it got me, too. Who the hell is behind me? As the guy’s movements falter, my head turns to look down and meet soulful blue eyes… and not just any blue eyes. These are the blue eyes that taunt my dreams at night. They belong to the boy I had long ago loved and lost without ever having him. Shock causes my eyes to widen as a whisper bursts out of me, “Jayson...”


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