Walker Lane

The Secrets of Love Letters

My best friend is the most adorable guy I've ever seen, and the only one I've ever wanted. Can I have him? Only if I'm willing to hide it. One day, I'll have to move on. Wishes don't always come true, right?

A Lil' Bit About Me

I've never been big on talking about myself, but here we go. I'm an artist. I work at a graphic design firm where I'm a UX Designer. That means I create the designs you see on websites before a coder gets their hands on them. Well, it's a bit more in depth than that, but tech jargon tends to go over some people's heads.

I got my name because my mom was a huge Walker, Texas Ranger fan. There are worse characters to be named after, I guess. I mean, come on. It was originally played by the Chuck Norris. Okay, okay, Jared Padalecki isn't bad either.

  • Eyes - Brown
  • Hair - Blond
  • Height - 5'11"
  • Age - 24
  • Orientation - Gay