Total Secrecy Cover

Total Secrecy

Two strangers. Two secrets. One life hanging in the balance.

An undercover agent and a twink meet in a bar. It’s like the start of a horrible joke. Too bad the jokes on me. I wear make-up and love flashy clothes. Just a simple boy, right? Oh yeah. Did I mention I’m on the run for my life?

I have no one to run to, nowhere to hide. Telling my secret could lead to others being in danger, and I can’t have that on my conscience. When a strange but sexy man literally falls at my feet in the club, I can’t ignore the drive to help him. Little do I know he has his own secret to hide.

With my ex no doubt a step behind me, can I keep my neck out of the noose? Or will the undercover agent investigating me be my saving grace?

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