I’m a dreamer, ever with my head in the clouds. Some of my earliest
memories is getting in trouble at school while looking out the window
daydreaming instead of doing my work. Fast forward quite a few
years (okay, a few decades) and I can still be found staring off into
space with flights of whimsy and pictures in my head. (Just an FYI,
I’m probably not staring at you. Lol)

I’m a huge addict to the feeling of falling in love, which is evident by
the fact I’ve been obsessed with romance novels of all varieties since I
was around 11 years old. I’ve got a gigantic love for chocolate, sweet
tea, and coffee. At some point in the day, I guarantee that I have one
of those in my hands without fail, or you’ll find a very grumpy Jacy.

Married with two kiddos, I’ve made my home in Oklahoma which
makes for some great storm chasing (even if it’s done digitally through
my computer for now). When I’m not writing or reading so many
great MM stories, you can find me usually doing something artistic.
From designing things in PhotoShop to crochet and DIY projects, I’m
not a happy girl unless I’m doing something creative.