The Secrets of Love Letters

Will two friends find more than a stack of love letters?

I fell in love with my best friend, Matt, ages ago. Spoiler alert: Telling someone how you feel when you’re both drunk doesn’t work. Thank heavens for drunken memory loss. He’s hiding in the closet while I’m hiding my feelings. We’re surrounded by secrets.

Now, someone’s left a package on our front porch with a bunch of love letters. Matt’s big idea may be the death of me. It’s just a few nights with a few letters. How bad could it be? Besides, I want to know…

What secrets do the love letters hold?

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The Secrets of Love Letters is an MM contemporary romance novella and has about 20k words. It features two friends finding their way to love through a bundle of love letters left on their doorstep.


Sleep didn’t want to come the night before. Our kiss – insane and hot as it was – kept playing on repeat in my brain. Even when I slept, all I dreamed about was getting my mouth on every inch of my best friend’s delectable body. My imagination didn’t have to work too hard to imagine owning everything about the man. I’d seen enough of it all.

I drag myself awake and slam my hand down on my beeping alarm. Ugh. Awake, dreaming, I won’t ever get away from finally getting the taste I’d dreamed about so many years. It was as heavenly as I had imagined it was. Fuck. I bury my head under my pillow as if it’ll hide me from the mess I’d made of my life.

A knock on my door pulls my head from under the pillow as I glance at the door. I’m almost tempted to pretend to be asleep, but that wouldn’t solve anything. Not sure I can face him yet though, I call out, “Yeah?”

The closed door muffles his voice as he speaks, “I’ve got that training class for work today, so I’ll be back later this afternoon. Up for some more letters tonight.”

I almost groan aloud at the thought of reading more letters, but admitting to that would open a door I’m not ready to walk through. “Um, sure. Sounds like a plan.”

“Great! See you later.”

I listen to his footsteps as they fade away and bash my head into the pillow. I need some clarity into this situation and I won’t find it wallowing in my lonely bed. I shove off the bed and make my way to the kitchen, undeniably checking around doors and peeking out the window to be sure he’s really gone. I’m kind of ashamed of that fact, but it is what it is.


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January 12, 2021

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